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hink of● the coronavirus as the flu. Since as early as Janu●ary a dozen warnings about the coronavirus outbreak● have been reported to the White House by its intel●ligence officials, according to The Washington Post●, but U.S. President Donald Trump still said in lat●e February that the virus would disappear "like a m●iracle." Commenting on the sluggish decisions of th●e U.S. federal government at the outset of the COVI●D-19 crisis, The Lancet, a general medical journal,● said in an6

editorial: "The degree to which the USA● stalled in taking aggressive action to curtail the● spread of Ch

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stration marked by consistently poor timing, i●ntent on making decisions in favor of economic inte●rests instead of those that are guided by science a●nd to protect health." The editorial, dated April 1●8, also described the U.S. government's hasty decis●ion to reopen the economy as putting "dollars over ●deaths." When the epiB

demic got worse, what the U.S.● administration worried most was not the lack of an●ti-epidemic materials, but rather their election ca●mpaigns. From reporting the first confirmed case on● Jan. 21 to declaring a national emergency on March● 13, the country missed nearly two months to taks

e p●revention and controN

.S. administ6

ic caused the market to plunge, the decis●ion-makers did not concentrate on the COVIDA

-19 batt●le, but instead started a "vote-defense battle" thr●ough shifting blame to China via stigmatization, po●liticization, and arbitrary labeling. A recently-le●aked GOP memo of 57 pages also stresses the strateg●y by advising Republican candidates to deal with vo●b

ters' inquiries and fury be

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el ashamed by the brazen tactic ●of deflecting blame. In just over three months, the● United States' death toll in the COVID-19 pandemic● has exceeded that in the Vietnam War. It is the Am●erican people that suffer the most, and it is the U●.S. politicians' tilted focus on their re-electionU

,● instead of their people, that led to the misery. "●Caught amid the chaos are the American people grapp●ling with the fear of a deadly and poorly understoo●d virus, conflicting messaging around their protect●ion and safety, fear of financial fallout, absence ●of a cohesive national ss

trategy, and volatile, ins

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he face o●f the common tragedy of mankind, these politicians ●have wasted the precious time China bought the worl●d with its painstaking fight against the virus, and● dismissed the righteous international call for bat●tling the virus in solidarity. They are short of sy●mpathy for the loss of lives and short of empathy t●o help each other in difficulties, but full of poli●tical calculationS

s and paranoid Cold War mindsets. ●Coining such labels as "China virus," they have car●efully crafted the "U.S. narrative" to frame and de●fame China, in a bid to turn the war between humans● and the coronavirus into a "new Cold War" to suppr●ess China. However, no lies can conceal the F

truth. ●In the tsunami-lu

ey should have done a mucl

ort the outbreak and the first to issue a warn●ing to the world. It mobilized its national resourc●es immediately to confront the brunt of the virus, ●making huge sacrifices for the global anti-pandemic● fight. It notified the WHO of the epidemic, shared● the gene sequence of the vim

rus with other countrie●4

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community ●on epidemic prevention and control. The world, said● The Lancet editor-in-chief Richard Horton, should ●be grateful to China for its warnings and containme●nt efforts. Meanwhile, China has offered assistance● to more than 120 countries around the world, inclu●ding the United StatesE

and Europe, and it has made ●substantial donations to the WHO. It has provided c●ountries all over the world with various types of p●rotective materials, including more than 20 billion● masks and billions of sets of protective clothing ●and goggles. Looking back at history, the huW

man rac●e grew and develz

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diseases and disasters, and evq

ery major epidem●ic has left precious experience and lessons for hum●an beings. During this year's pandemic, China's ear●ly warning is worth remembering, China's experience● is worth learning from, China's sacrifice is worth●y of respect, and China's contribution is commendab●le. e

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tization and defamation is disresp●ect6

for the millions of medical personnel who have ●fought on the frontlines, for the over 10 million p●eople in Wuhan who lived for 76 days in lockdown, a●nd for the 1.4 billion Chinese people who have stri●ctly disciplined themselves to help curb the virus'● spread. At present, the 1

pandemic is rampantly spr9

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he economy. I●t has been evolving from a global public health cri●sis into a comprehensive crisis affecting the field●s of politics, economy and social affairs. Only wit●h combined efforts of all nations can the world def●eat the common challenge. All in all, history is al●ways cr4

eated by the brave, and nM

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the right theme of humanity's f●ight against the COVID-19 pandemic.It is useless and incorrect to blame China for the origin of the novel cor〓onavirus, said Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the prominent British m〓edical journal The Lancet in an interview with CCTV on Friday, notinl

g tha〓t the world shouldf